Снюс thunder

Thunder is the strongest Snus brand by V2 Tobacco. Snus enthusiasts know Thunder Snus for three main characteristics:

First, the intense amount of nicotine. By adding more tobacco than usual into each pouch, the nicotine content rises making Thunder twice as strong as traditional Snus. Thanks to this large amount of natural nicotine, Thunder Snus makes for an intense tobacco experience. Thus, it should be used by experienced Snus users. Beginners should consider trying another Snus first or being cautious when they first try Thunder Snus. What might be overwhelming for beginners can be just the right amount of nicotine for Snus veterans.

Secondly, Thunder is known for a large variety of flavors. While Thunder Original Portion brings out classic tobacco aromas, many other flavors are available as well:

  • Several mint variations add a cool kick to Thunder Snus and make for an intensely refreshing experience.

  • Fruity flavors such as raspberry and melon will satisfy those looking for a zesty, powerful taste.

Thirdly, Thunder Snus is available in various formats and strength levels. That way, every (strong) Snus fan will find their match with Thunder:

  • Their „Mini“ portion Snus comes in smaller bags which fit better in the mouth to create a more comfortable, inconspicuous experience.

  • The „Slim“ Snus series comes in slimmer, but longer pouches for all those who don’t want to sacrifice flavor or strength for increased comfort.

  • The „Ultra Strong“ line of Snus has even more nicotine than regular Thunder Snus and is created for all those looking for a real nicotine rush.

  • Thunder X is the strongest member of the Thunder product family. With a nicotine content of 45 mg/g it will definitely blow the strongest mind.

Get ready for the strong challenge!


Different Types of Snus

The four types of snus in the Thunder series provide users with a lot of choice. The portion snus comes pre- packed in small pouches. The loose version is, exactly as it sounds, packed in its loose form, which means that you have to squeeze it into a ball that you put under your lip. White is a kind of portion snus that differs from regular portion snus in that the pouches that the snus comes in are dry, not wet.

is results in, amongst other things, a snus that is less likely to drip, since this snus is drier. The fact that it is not runny means that White does not stain your teeth as much as other snus. If you are very particular about having white and stain free teeth, White snus is the one for you. The White Dry snus has the same characteristics as the White snus, although it is even drier and therefore less runny. White and White Dry snus is suitable for users who want to be able to present a wide bright smile — which you love to do with a good snus under your lip. The Different Flavours

These different types of snus come in a variety of flavours, and one, for example, is the so-called NRG flavour. This flavour, as the name suggests, is reminiscent of the taste of energy drinks. It is available in two versions — Portion and White Dry. In addition, there is snus with strong and delicious flavours of mint and menthol, as well as sweet mint flavour, the taste of evergreen and melon flavour. Snus is also available with citrus flavour, cinnamon and cardamom flavour and spearmint flavour. There is also snus with the classic snus and tobacco flavour, and a lot more. In other words, there are types of snus for many different preferences, and they also come in a variety of Portion, Loose, White and White Dry, as well as in many differing strengths. For those of you that like strong snus with powerful taste, chances are you’ll find something in the Thunder series that fits you like a glove!

The Strengths

You already know that the snus from Thunder is significantly stronger than average and that it contains much higher levels of nicotine. The levels of nicotine range between 11,7 and 45 mg/g. In relation to this it is worth mentioning that the majority of other brands have about 8,5 mg/g of nicotine in their snus, which means that even the weakest snus from the Thunder series is stronger than average. Snus from Thunder is therefore a great choice for those who like a stronger snus with more power. The range of flavours and strengths is so wide and diverse that you can easily find the perfect box of snus for you. No matter if you like super-strong snus or snus with just above average strength, you should undoubtedly be able to find snus that suits you perfectly.

Our Assortment

Here at Snus Direct you will find most variants of snus that are included in the Thunder series. In our assortment, you will find a wide variety of strengths, powerful flavours and types of snus. For more information about this, just take a closer look at the Thunder section in our assortment, and by clicking on the snus type, you can get a more detailed picture of what they contain. For us, it is a real pleasure to provide you with this tasty, unique and powerful type of snus!


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